Livi | Headshots

Are you a small business owner? Whether you’re a photographer, realtor, hairstylist, tattoo artist, etc… how you represent yourself on social media or your website is important.

Headshots can provide great first impressions and also gain your client’s trust. Well done headshots will show your commitment to quality and other important values, such as creativity and professionalism.

5 tips to prepare for your branding session:

  1. Wear clothes that are in your brand colors or go with nuetral colors that compliment your brand! Colors and patterns shouldn’t be too loud as it could takeaway from the photos / your brand as a whole.

2. Your outfit should be comfortable while also representing YOU. Branding photos help showcase who you are and attract new clients that feel they would connect with you just based on how you look.

3. Bring props! The props you choose should help you convey your message. For example, if you’re a photographer, like Livi below, you should bring your camera! If you’re a web designer, bring your laptop and/or storyboards that you use. if you’re a hairstylist, bring some of your gear or even a client that will be comfortable being photographed for some awesome action shots!

4. Accessorize! This will help add an extra element to your photos. Be creative!

5. And lastly, just be yourself! Make sure your personality really beams through in your branding photos.

Livi is a fellow photographer who was in need of updated headshots. She brought her camera with her to serve as a prop and to get some shots of her in “action.”

Feeling inspired and ready for your branding session?! Reach out today and let’s discuss all your ideas!