Top Question to ask before booking a wedding photographer

How do you find the perfect wedding photographer for you? What should you ask? There are a lot of questions you should ask… and sometimes questions you don’t know you should ask. Most people inquiring for a wedding photographer have never hired a professional photographer, aside from their senior/graduation photos. So here is what you need to know!

First and foremost, you should like your photographer’s editing/color style.

Because if you don’t like their editing style… it’s probably not going to work out… and I recommend you find someone whose work you do like then circle back to this list!

Assuming you’ve narrowed the list down to your top favorites, send them an inquiry and from there have a quick consultation and get to know them! I do a whole blog HERE on why I think it’s just as important to like your wedding photography as a person as much (if not more) than you like their editing / photo style.

So here are my top questions you should ask by category before you book your wedding photographer:


  • Is my wedding date available?
  • Are you the one who will be photographing it?
  • If there is a second shooter, have you worked with them before?


  • Can I see a full gallery of a finished wedding? Even better if you can see one at your venue or similar venue.
  • How many weddings have you shot?
  • Do you have experience with off camera flash during receptions?

Pricing / Packages

  • What packages do you offer?
  • Do I have to print my wedding photos through you?
  • Are the digital photos included?


  • Is there a travel fee?
  • What is the turnaround time for photos?
  • Do you look over / help with timelines?


  • Does your camera have dual card slots?
    • Note: this is something I am incredibly passionate about.. not all cameras are created equal and not all cameras have the ability to record EACH photo to 2 different memory cards. The nature of technology is that things can fail. If memory cards fail and your photographer only has one memory card slot.. your wedding photos are gone..
  • What is your photo backup process?
    • Note: this is another REALLY important thing to know and understand. Again, technology can fail. Computers can die, hard drives can be lost / broken… so how does your potential photographer store your images? Are they backed up to the cloud? Do they clear their memories cards before the gallery is delivered?
  • Do you have a backup camera? Or do you shoot with more than one camera?

Booking Process:

  • How do I book you?
  • How long do you hold the date?
  • What is your retainer?
  • What is the next payment due?

I hope you found these questions helpful and I hope you gives you a little bit more peace of mind when booking your wedding photographer! If you’re wanting to book me for your wedding, click my contact form here and we can get the process moving!