The Best Non Barn Wedding Venues in Milwaukee

The Best Non Barn Wedding Venues in Milwaukee

There are great wedding venues here in Milwaukee that aren’t barns! Here I want to feature some of my favorite venues so that you can take a look at them for yourself! If you’re planning a wedding in the area, I highly recommend you check these wedding venues in Milwaukee out. When you choose to get married, the location you choose will forever hold a special meaning to you, so it’s important to choose the perfect location. Let’s get into some of my favorite venues in Milwaukee that may be your perfect fit!

Turner Hall Ballroom | Wedding Venues in Milwaukee

The Turner Hall Ballroom is stunning, to say the least. I was able to capture a sweet couple here for their wedding. Leah and Jake chose an amazing venue which is such a historic landmark. The backdrops were so beautiful and the night was so fun and memorable! I highly recommend checking out the Turner Hall Ballroom if you’re in the area to see if it’s the right match for you! 

Photos by Allexxbphotography

The Grain Exchange | Milwaukee Wedding Venue

The Grain Exhange is a 10,000 sq ft beauty located right downtown and is also a historic venue. This wedding venue in Milwaukee offers beautiful soaring ceilings and granite, sandstone, and limestone! They also have a 175 ft bell tower in the center of the room! It is truly an elegant location and will be sure to offer such a memorable experience for you and your wedding guests! If you want to take a look further into their venue and what they have to offer, make sure to visit their website


Photos from The Grain Exchange

St.James 1868 | A Historic Milwaukee Venue

Rachel and Phil’s wedding at the St.James 1868 was so beautiful! The venue features two different historic wedding or event venues and is located right downtown in Milwaukee. Rachel and Phils wedding was at the Abbey which seats up to 300 guests. This venue was so beautiful and offers so many amazing features!

“The former sanctuary maintains original tiffany stained glass windows, 50-foot cathedral ceiling, 15th-century hand-carved monastery panels, original hardwood floors, antique light fixtures and a 2,200 sq ft courtyard for outdoor”

If you want to check this stunning wedding venue in Milwaukee out for yourself, make sure to check them out!

Photos by Alexxbphotography

The Atrium | A Stunning Wisconsin Wedding Venue

The Atrium is a beautiful industrial-style venue that can hold up to 220 guests. It also has a built-in bar and in-perimeter lighting for your guests to enjoy! It offers a gorgeous rooftop greenhouse that is accompanied by bar service as well so you can enjoy the views and a drink at the same time. A unique feature that I love about The Atrium is that they also have bride and groom sweets which are perfect for you to get ready in before you walk down the aisle!

You can take a virtual tour of the Atrium here if you want to check it out for yourself!

Photos from The Atrium

The George | An Elegant Wedding Venue

The George is a beautiful and sophisticated wedding venue in Milwaukee that holds up to 160 seated guests. I was able to capture Chelsea and Dell’s wedding here at The George and it was stunning! The George has beautiful velvet drapes that decorate their windows, crystal chandeliers, and even custom bars. They also feature art from Wisconsin artists which I think is so neat! The George also has a complimentary celebration suit for any George package that you choose so you and up to 20 guests to rest after celebrating your big moment.

Chelsea and Dell chose a venue that fits perfect for them. Check out The George if you’re looking for a sophisticated and elegant wedding venue!

Photos by Allexxbphotography

The Villa Terrace | A Mediterranean Style Venue

The Villa Terrace is another great option to look for when searching for a wedding venue in Milwaukee! This location is a Mediterranean style villa that your wedding guests will adore. You can even see Lake Michigan from the Lazzaro Della luna or take a beautiful walk through their renaissance garden!

Check out the Villa Terrace for yourself here!

Photo from The Villa Terrace

South Second | An Industrial Wedding Venue

I photographed Kara and Zac’s wedding at South Second and it was truly stunning. The South Second is an industrial-style venue and is uniquely beautiful. Kara and Zac chose a venue perfectly suited for them and I had such a fun time shooting them, their family, and loved ones enjoying their celebration!

If you’re in the Milwaukee area, I absolutely recommend checking out South Second or taking a virtual 3D tour of the venue here!

Photos by Allexxbphotography

The Journeyman | A Milwaukee Venue Downtown

The Journeyman is also a beautiful option when searching for the perfect wedding venue. It offers a 2,800 sq-foot ballroom and mediterranean inspired catering! The Journeyman is right in the city which is so convenient. They also offer rooftop options where you can view the city and the sunset. It is truly gorgeous!

Make sure you check them out and consider their stunning venue in your Milwaukee wedding venue search!

Photos from The Journeyman

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I’m so glad you wanted to check out some of the best wedding venues in Milwaukee! There are so many different options to suit your style. Since you’re searching for venues, you may also need a photographer! I’m Allexx and I’m a Milwaukee photographer who serves the Chicago area as well. Take a further look at my blog to check out my other posts and galleries! I love being able to capture a couple’s most intimate moments for them to cherish forever! You can learn more about me and my style and if you think we’re a great fit, please fill out an inquiry form! I can’t wait to chat with you more about how I can give you the best wedding day experience!