The First Blog

I have started hundreds of blogs and never ever finished one, not ONE. I’m not good at blogging. I am not even good at consistently showing up on social media but let me tell you, I am going to try. It’s Quarantine 2020 and I decided that it’s about time that I show up for my brides and for my clients in such a unique and personal way because I believe that the photographer you choose should be more than just the services provided. So here I am, coming at you and hoping you find my blogs helpful. My goal isn’t to be the most liked photographer or have the most epic edge-of-the-cliff photos with the glowiest sunsets (I mean that’s nice so if anyone wants to go to the edge of a cliff and experience that glowy sunset, lets go!) My goal is to show up and deliver the best unique and meaningful experience to each couple. Every relationship is so unique so let’s make your experience unique.

Being engaged is literally one of the most special and amazing times in your relationship! Think about it, you are planning the day, the moment, the details where you invite your closest friends and family to share in your life long promise to love and care for your spouse for the rest of your days. That’s the original intent in the wedding celebration, right? You and your spouse love each other so deeply that you want to make the biggest promise and commitment saying, “Hey, I love you so much that I am in this for the rest of my days! I am going to be right here for the good times and the not as great times. I am going to love and support you when you’re old and smelly, hot and fresh, sick and healthy. I am going to wake up every single day and choose you” and the cool thing is this is a promise you make to one another and you invite your closest people to witness this promise.

This time can also be stressful because it becomes real that you’re not just planning for one event but you’re creating a roadmap for how you’ll handle every situation from here on out. You’re setting up strategies for how you’ll handle the future and creating memories to look back on to share with your babies and your babies babies. 

When Bry and I were planning our marriage (and yes I say marriage vs wedding because again its more than one day) we spent countless hours in the car visiting my family in MN and his family in MI. During those car rides, I would Google the top most controversial topics and discuss each side and what our points of view were. We did this so we have an idea of the framework for how we felt about really touchy subjects. This made our relationship so incredibly strong and open to communication. I literally can talk to this amazing man about everything and he literally supports me 4000% (even when I don’t believe in myself).  

Anyway, long story short, as a result of this super hottie supportive man I am obsessed with the wedding industry. I want to help every couple experience the same love and support I did on our wedding day.


Well folks, it’s my first finished blog post and I did it! I showed up and delivered you my thoughts even though it absolutely scares the bejeebies out of me!

Thanks for showing up and until next time!