Nicole + Matt | Matt

I warn every couple that I meet that we aren’t just entering a working relationship together but we are entering a friendship together, associate shooting or not. I had the most amazing experience with my wedding photographer and that’s because she took the time to not just get to know us but become friends with us and now every couple I take on I make that same effort and commitment!

Nicole and Matt were not exception. First of all, I absolutely freaking LOVE which I have said once and will continue to say time and time again.  Nicole and Matt’s wedding was the sweetest thing ever when I was chatting with Matt and said wow you’re backyard looks great and he turned and looked at me and said “I just wanted this day to be so special for her. I did everything I could to make this a day she can remember” I mean umm, wow. Nicole, you picked a good one!

I love how much they love each other and I am over the freaking moon for both of them! This may have not been the wedding they originally planned but as they both told me that day, it’s the wedding they didn’t know they wanted!