Marriage Changed Everything.

Last year, I married my best friend and EVERYTHING changed…

Why didn’t anyone tell me this would happen?? Literally everything in my life CHANGED. Before we got married I thought I knew what I wanted in life and what my priorities were but… since Bry and I got married my priorities have completely shifted. And to simply put it, I wasn’t prepared for that.. like at all.

Things that mattered to me before marriage aren’t the same things that matter to me now.

I constantly poured myself into corporate life, putting in countless hours and constantly putting my family second but now I put my family first and work second.

I spent our first year of marriage navigating my new priorities and finding my new self or this enhanced version of myself. And don’t get me wrong I still find myself saying “yes” to everything and having those old workaholic tendencies come around but I am working on it and I am growing.

To me the goal was never getting to our wedding day.. it was every day beyond that. I feel like many couples count down to their wedding day and sometimes forget to plan for after than countdown hits 0 but for us, we planned and planned and then planned some more for the start of our lives together once we hit that “0”.

The first few months after we got married, everyone asked me, “do you feel different since being married?” and I can’t help but want to burst out with a “YES”. No one prepares you for this huge mind shift in priorities. My little family of two (soon to be three) and our marriage is literally the most important thing in my life. Everything else is just trivial… these are moments that I will never be able to get back.

I mean everyone always says “anytime you’re saying yes to something, you’re also saying no to something” and that’s so true. At the beginner of the year Bry and I sat down and wrote out a list of items we would say yes to.. and also a list of things that we would say no to. We wrote up goals for our year and how we can achieve them, together.

I feel so incredibly THANKFUL I get to live my life with my #1 supporter, lover and best friend. I am the luckiest lil babe in the world to have him as my family, to be able to live life with him every single day..

We will see where my new priorities take us but needless to say I am excited!