Baby B – Journal Entry #1

April 30, 2020

Good morning my sweet baby,

TODAY IS THE DAY!! We stocked up on tests because we’ve been trying for you and waiting for you to come into our lives and today is testing day! Okay little babe, you don’t know this about me yet but I am a big time romantic so take notes on how cute my little plan is! First things first, today is “meet-a-versary” day which is the day your dad and I met many years ago. We celebrate this day more than any other day of the year and I thought it was fitting if we’re going to “meet you”.

So your dad leaves to go to work everyday around 7:30AM so I “slept in” and waited till he left before I got up so I could quickly take a test, who knew that 3-5 minutes later that little word “pregnant” would change my life! I felt so happy and so incredibly relieved that I was right!! I KNEW IT! I felt it!

Well as you now already know I am an impatient women and put myself in quite a pickle.. I now had to wait EIGHT HOURS before I could tell your dad he is going to be a dad!! Not something you can do via text or over the phone..

So before this story goes any further, I have to give a little background information. Bry wanted slippers for Christmas and I said no, slippers are only for dads and you’re not a dad yet so you can’t have any slippers, sorry. I mean I don’t make the rules here, it’s a legit thing right?

Now that you have that little backstory this where is where the cute romantic stuff happens! I went to target, with the pregnancy test in my purse – don’t judge – just to keep looking at it and waiting for the words to somehow change or maybe I read it wrong. I just couldn’t believe it, it’s time you’re here growing inside me!

The entire time I was at Target I was just in a daze! I went to the men’s section to get slippers, white infant onesies, these little baby slippers and a little card with a baby duck on it. I grabbed our favorite dinner Mrs. Renfro’s Habanero Salsa, cream cheese and donkey chips (you’ll learn it’s the only way to eat salsa)!

I wrapped the presents, prepared the salsa spread and waiting for him to come home! And because it’s “meet-a-versary” day he didn’t think anything of it when I handed him a present. He opened it up and got the biggest smile on his face and just kept saying “no way!!!”. This was our last “meet-a-versary” as a party of two and so we just soaked up all the love, cuddles and chips and salsa we could get our hands on!

I will check in soon little love!



Your mama