Monica + Dominic | Sunflower Couples Session

Couples in love are my jam! I’ve said it once and I will say it again, it is my jam! And these two did not disappoint.

So first off, this was my first time EVER going to a sunflower field. I know, I know, your girl needs to get out of the house more and that’s exactly what I’m doing! Needless to say I am hooked on sunflower fields, flower fields, wildflowers, etc. I even convinced Bry that the next house we move to has to have a big enough yard that I can plant sunflowers and wildflowers EVERYWHERE. I mean, it seems reasonable right? Just a yard full of flowers, yes please!!

Anyway, back to this GORGEOUS DAY. First off, I love when couples show up and the guy says he’s here out of obligation because I make it a challenge that by the time they leave we’re laughing up a storm and make sure everyone is having a blast! My style is for you to not really even know your photos are being taken! I give tons of prompts like whisper something in her ear, draw a shape on her face with your nose, dance around, rap a song, look really sexy, channel your inner Tyra and give me your best ANTM look. I don’t so much care about the shape you ended up drawing, I go after the moments in between the shots.

Like for example, this one I asked Dominic to sniff her ear like a dog – their reaction and the fun they had with it was up to them and it created this gem of a shot! I mean this is ADORABLE. Their whole shoot was adorable, I love how they interacted with one another and love how they looked each other.

Ya’ll this is how your couples sessions should look at feel! Fun, full of laughter and a heck of a lot of love!