Nick + Kaeli | Door County Engagement

Engagements are my thing! Let me tell you, they are so my thing. Couples, love, engagement,s weddings – they are my thing. They light my soul up.

The reason they’re my thing? It isn’t because of the social media moments, the good scenery or the amazing photos – no. It’s because two people fell in love and they want that moment documented in time, forever. Now as I am sitting here and I feel honored, blessed and humbled that I am able to share these moments. I mean you know that by know right? But let me tell you about this one!

Nick contacted me a few weeks ago and mentioned that he was ready to propose to the woman of his dreams, Kaeli. Becuase of Covid he had several obstacles to get past before he could ask the question he’s been dying to ask her! Kaeli is pursuing her doctorate degree down in Florida so they’ve been apart for the last few months and as you know the state of Florida has an increased number of Covid. Well, Wisconsin also another state that has Covid with elevated numbers. So first there was some strategy involved to get her from Florida to Wisconsin and then Southeastern Wisconsin to Door County for a special vacation. Mix that with quarantine, timing, start of the semester coming up… Needless to say there was some strategy involved!

Nick played off the whole thing really well, I must say! He’s had this ring since June. JUNE. I would die with a secret like that. They’re big foodies (just like Bry and I) so they planned out a nice evening to go to a Wisconsin Supper Club where they could get fish and some of that delicious Door County Wine.

But along the way on the way to that supper club they stopped at Cave Point where this photographer with a tripod that was taking pictures of the landscape and taking pictures of flowers. I mean what else do ya do, needed to look busy! So Nick and Kaeli are taking a selfie and I asked them if they wanted some help taking their photo. So just to paint the picture here, one camera is on my tripod for landscape photos and my other camera is around my neck for those upclose flower photos so I when I went over to take their photo on Kaeli’s phone. So on three they “cheesed” and all of a sudden Nick drop to one knee and her reaction was incredibly beautiful and just timeless! The man of her dreams asked her to spend the rest of their days together.

Afterward I told her this plan of his was highly premeditated and it took several people to get her here! From her friend who took her to get her nails done, to getting permission from her parents, to informing his parents, to making reservations, to getting me in Door County (after a tornado rolled through) to this moment. This moment of yes.


Weddings, couples, engagements — for me it’s about their love and their growth and all of their yes moments because they aren’t just saying “yes” they are saying yes to each other, their future, their lives and whatever else comes their way. Those moments of yes are the ones you look back on and they give you the warm fuzzies and make you fall in love all over again.

So congratulations Nick and Kaeli! You two deserve nothing but the best!