Tyler + Heather | Surprise Engagement

Shout out to Tyler for being able to pull off a surprise proposal and boy oh boy was she surprised! This particular weekend, I already have FOUR engagement sessions scheduled and Tyler asked if there was any way I had time for another and naturally after hearing his plans, I made the time! We could not have asked for better weather at 10AM! It was the most perfectly overcast day and Tyler legit laid a bed of ROSES for Heather to walk up onto! (Well done Tyler, well freaking done)

Heather has a little girl, Vivian (I know the cutest name ever right!?) and she ran right up to Tyler and after Tyler asked if Heather would be his brides Vivian yelled to all the family in attendance “WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!” Tyler had a rose set aside for Vivian and for Heather so he could ask them both together and make sure they both feel included and loved. Anywhoosies, see for yourself at how freaking cute this surprise proposal was!