Our Gender reveal

holy. moly. we are having a girl.

So ya’ll know me, I am all about the odds and statistical probabilities of things and well the Bolander clan is primarily made up of men. To give you an idea of how dweeby I am I literally went through all of the men (you know they give the determining sex chromosome) in the Bolander family and looked at their children and came to the conclusion the likelihood of us having a girl was like 15%. There are not many females born into the Bolander clan so needless to say I was pretty convinced that we were having a boy.

To be fully honest I did not care what we were having. As long as our peanut is healthy I don’t give a flying whatever as to what gender our baby is. But holy moly I sure was surprised! I really couldn’t “lean” girl or boy but I just keeping feeling like I would be “surprised if it was a girl”. Meanwhile Bryan said about halfway through he was convinced it was going to be a girl. Which totally makes sense – he is going to be the BEST girl dad ever. Like you have no idea. He is going to be that dad sitting at the tea party with the eight stuffed animals surrounding him with the classic feather boa asking Mr. Snuggles how his day was while drinking imaginary tea out of his teacup. Legit, he’s going to be THE BEST.

Also huge shoutout to my bump buddy, go-to gal and fellow photog Abbie for taking these beautiful photos of Bry and I so enjoy these surprised faces and a whole lot of love shared!

We are so in love!